The CLAW Delineator

The Claw Delineator

These delineators features two recessed bands of high intensity prismatic sheeting, and a convenient "claw" for a handle or caution tape wrap.

  • Claw handle has comfort grip for easy placement and pick-up
  • Caution tape quickly and conveniently slides through the handle
  • Available in two sizes: 42" and 28"
  • Recessed areas accept two bands of sheeting which protects the retroreflective sheeting from rips and scratches
  • Colored bright orange for visibility
  • Flange on the bottom grabs the base for a tight fit
  • NCHRP - 350 / MASH accepted, meets MUTCD standards

Order The Claw Delineator

Size Price
28" H - 8lb Base $64.95
42" H - 12lb Base $84.95