Solar Marker

The SolarMarker® solar-rechargeable LED illuminated raised pavement marker is a low cost, maintenance-free, and effective alternative to overhead street lighting. Superior road/ path visibility while avoiding the problems associated with battery powered markers. Using bright LEDs, projected light from each marker can be seen at up to 1 mile away during darkness. For night or fog use, electronics in the markers monitor ambient light levels, activating the LEDs when ambient light drops below factory preset levels.

  • MUTD/Caltrans compliant
  • 400+ Feet day time visibility
  • 900+ Feet night time visibility
  • Operating Temp: -40F to 144F
  • Approximate Size: 5" x 5" x .75"

Order SolarMarker LED Marker

Color Style Price
Amber One Way $164.95
Amber Two Way $189.95