Delineator Posts

DP-200 Flex

DP-200 Flex Product Image

High impact resistant, surface mount delineator.

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E-base Product Image

High-impact delineator suitable for installation in any evironment.

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FG 300 Clover Leaf

FG 300 Clover Leaf Product Image

Unique cloverleaf design provides far better rebound than the round tubes.

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SM-700 Flexible

SM-700 Flexible Product Image

The perfect choice for high-traffic, high-impact situations.

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TM-750 Series Flat Top Marker

TM-750 Series Flat Top Marker Product Image

High, impact resistant surface mounted channelizer.

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TM-750 Series Tubular Marker

TM-750 Series Tubular Marker Product Image

High-impact channelizer designed for traffic merging into a thoroughfare.

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Easy Grab LED Delineator

Easy Grab LED Delineator Product Image

45" tall, 3.5" diameter delineator. 100% impact-resistant with UV inhibitors.

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Flexible with Permanent Anchor

Flexible with Permanent Anchor Product Image

Choose from 28", 36", or 42" heights.

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Gemstone Type 1 Barricade

Gemstone Type 1 Barricade Product Image

8" x 36" reflective sheeting panel allows their use as a Type 1 Barricade.

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Grabber Cone

Grabber Cone Product Image

42" or 28" in height, made of flexible low density polyethylene.

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Removable Lane Delineator

Removable Lane Delineator Product Image

Flexible injection-molded urethane plastic by Konapost.

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Navicade Delineator

Navicade Delineator Product Image

The same visibility as a drum, with a smaller footprint & price.

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Open Top Portable Delineator

Open Top Portable Delineator Product Image

28" or 42" tall with post diameter of 4". Quick setup.

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Re-bounder Flex Delineator

Re-bounder Flex Delineator Product Image

Polyethylene tube and elastic hinge offer extreme durability.

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Ringtop Delineator

Ringtop Delineator Product Image

4" diameter high-impact polyethylene tube.

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The Claw Delineator

The Claw Delineator Product Image

Two recessed bands for sheeting and a convenient "claw" handle.

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