3M™ Series 290

3M Pavement Marker Series 290

Durable, highly reflective highway markers with pressure sensative adhesive; may be applied to asphalt and concrete road surfaces. Impact and weather resistant. Diamond Grade™ optics provide excellent during wet and dry conditions.

  • Tough, polycarbonate prismatic lenses with abrasion-resistant coating
  • Engineered body with molded-in colors and finger grips for easy application
  • Durable, lightweight, and impact-resistant
  • Provides highly effective, long-life visibility, even at night and in wet weather
  • Rumble effect for added awareness
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive for ease in application

Order 3M Markers

Part # Body Color Lens Style Price
PSA-290-2W White Two-Way White $12.70
PSA-290-W White One-Way White $12.06
PSA-291-2Y Yellow Two-Way Yellow $12.70
PSA-291-Y Yellow One-Way Yellow $12.06
PSA-292-2R Red Two-Way Red $13.16
PSA-297-2G Green Two-Way Green $13.16
PSA-295-2B Blue Two-Way Blue $13.16
PSA-290-WR White Two-Way White/Red $12.70
PSA-290-WY White Two-Way White/Yellow $12.70
PSA-290-WG White Two-Way White/Green $13.16
PSA-290-YR White Two-Way Yellow/Red $12.70