3M Linear Delineation Strips for linear reflection of concrete

3M Delineation System

The 3M™ Linear Delineation System is intended for linear reflection of concrete barriers and metal guardrails. Linear delineation system panels are fabricated from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective sheeting, and are laminated onto a thin gauge of aluminum that are formed to a unique shape. This shape provides retroreflection across a very wide range of entrance and observation angles. Available in fluorescent colors that provide increased visibility from dawn to dusk, as well as night.

  • Dimensions: 3/4" x 4" x 2"
  • Sold in boxes of 50

Order 3M™ Linear Delineation Strips

Part # Color Size Price
LDS-W-4 White 4" x 34" $1319.95
LDS-R-4 Red 4" x 34" $1319.95
LDS-O-4 Fluorescent Orange 4" x 34" $1649.95
LDS-Y-4 Fluorescent Yellow 4" x 34" $1649.95
LDS-W-6 White 6" x 34" $1634.95
LDS-R-6 Red 6" x 34" $1634.95
LDS-O-6 Fluorescent Orange 6" x 34" $2054.95
LDS-Y-6 Fluorescent Yellow 6" x 34" $2054.95