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We offer a great selection of Highway markers, traffic safety delineators, highway reflectors, pavement lane markers, pavement tape, road studs, golf course mow-over markers, fire hydrant markers and snow-plowable reflective pavement markers. $50 Minimum order. Call for volume pricing!

Flexible Delineators Flexible Delineators

Withstands vehicle impacts. Ideal for construction or parking lots.

Pavement Markers Permanent Reflective
Road Markers

Clear, Amber, or Blue

Raised Pavement Marker 3M Raised
Pavement Markers

Lightweight thermoplastic markers, long-life visibility.

Round Reflectors Round Reflectors

Aluminum or plastic backplate. Outshines reflective sheeting.

Surface Delineators Surface Mount Delineators

Tubular or flat, easty to install,
Flexible, reboundable.

Heavy Duty Ground-Mounted Hinged Highway Delineator Ground Mounted Highway Delineator

HD 600 Series Hinged Delineator, ground-mounted highway delineation.

Earth Mount Delineators Earth Mount Delineators

Fiberglass composite, withstands high speed impact.

Lane Separators Lane Separators

Versatile spring-mounted signage system for many applications.

Surface Mounted Highway Delineator Surface Mounted Highway Delineator

SM700 Series outlasted every other highway delineator on the market by a factor of 10 to 1. Routinely withstands over 75 vehicle impacts at 55MPH.

Utility Markers Utility Markers

UM300 Series is an economically priced, moderate impact, off-road sign post or marker. Mark underground pipelines, cables or other buried devices.

FAA Approved Airport Marking Systems FAA Approved Airport Marking Systems

Use for runways and taxi strips. Highly visible and durable.

Golf Course Mow-Over Markers Golf Course Mow-Over Markers

FG Series 400
Breakage rate of
1 for every 2,200 mow-overs!

Open Top Delineators Open Top Delineators

Temporary or permanent. Crashworthy, designed for maximum visibility.

3M Stamark Pavement Tape 3M StamarkTM
Pavement Marking Tape

Durable intersection markings, pre-cut symbols & legends.

3M Stamark Pavement Tape 3M StamarkTM
All Weather Tape

Highly retro-reflective,
day or night, wet or dry.

Fire Hydrant/Bridge Marker Fire Hydrant/Bridge Marker

Bracket mounted, high impact, hinged reflective marker.

Economy Flexible All-Purpose Marker/Delineator

EZ Series the only post on the market that can be tied in a knot and yet is so stiff it can withstand high wind loading. This price competitive, moderate impact marker is also the easiest to install.